Ice hockey camp for children by Skrastins and Bartulis has finished


Today on the 22nd of June the yearly ice-hockey mastery camp by Karlis Skrastins and Oskars Bartulis for children aged 7-16 has finished. It was attended by 143 young hockey players both from Latvia and abroad and was led under guidance of coaches from NHL and players of the Latvian national ice-hockey team.

This summer at Jelgava Ice Hockey Hall in city Jelgava two hockey camps by Skrastins and Bartulis were held – first one from 10th to 15th of June and second – from 17th to 22nd of June, but the most passionate hockey players had a chance to keep training all 12 days, by registering for both camps. Quite many participants used this opportunity.

As a tradition from the last year, several high level ice-hockey specialists from abroad shared their knowledge – Vjaceslav Kuznetcov from Philadelphia Flyers, Tim Turk from Montreal Canadians, as well as Dion del Monte from Toronto, Canada. Each day during the demonstration trainings also KHL and NHL players and specialists participated in the ice trainings. Such outstanding local ice-hockey players as Aigars Cipruss, Rodrigo Lavins, Kaspars Daugavins, Maris Jucers, Martins Karsums, Lauris Darzins, Janis Sprukts, Georgijs Pujacs and others could be met on ice daily and who took part in trainings and were coaching participants of the camps. Also several local coaches assisted, so all children got attention and individual approach was ensured for everyone.

Dion del Monte, who organizes similar training camps in Canada, mentioned that one of the most positive aspects in these camps was that high quality instructors have been involved and high level of trainings both on and off the ice ensured. „The focus on individual skating and puck skills gives players the opportunity to improve quickly in a short period of time. The players worked hard, learned a lot and really enjoyed themselves. Great camp!” according to the evaluation of the camp by Dion del Monte.

Also Tim Turke, a specialist of hockey puck control and PROshooters, is unsparing in praise of the camp, “In my experience, I have attended many camps all over the world. I feel that in Jelgava the Bartulis and Skrastins camp offers the opportunity for all ages and levels of players to attend and improve their skills while having fun at the same time. This is a treat for the players attending the camp. I will keep coming back as long as they will have me.”

Vjaceslav Kuznetcov, an ice-skating specialist from Philadelphia Flyers and Adirondack Phantoms, gives especially high evaluation of insistence and progress demonstrated by children during the trainings. “It was not easy for them, but by the end of the camp most of the guys was able to skate more efficient, faster if they need and stop in good balance.”

According to parents, all participants of the camp as well as their parents are thrilled about the enthusiasm and interest of children to participate in this ice-hockey camp and to acquire new, valuable skills and learn techniques not trained anywhere else. In spite of trainings early in the morning, parents do not have to wake their children up, because most of them are awake early and impatient to go for the trainings. The experience gained in the camp is priceless and it would serve as a reliable basis for further growth of new generation of ice-hockey players.

Inga, mom of ice-hockey camp participant Edvards Dilans, shares her impressions about the camp, “Thanks to all coaches for their patience, because it is a very hard work to hold in check all these boys. I liked very much that during the ice-hockey trainings there were several coaches and assistants on the ice so each player got more attention. I am satisfied that the enjoyment about participation in the camp prevailed tiredness and failures. This camp has been a great experience for Edvards.”