Vyacheslav Kuznetsov


My name is Vyacheslav Kuznetsov and I am a Power Skating coach for Philadelphia Flyers and Adirondack Phantoms. Last year I was invited to the Riga by the player of our team, Philadelphia Flyers, Oscars Bartulis to help with the hockey camp. The camp was eight day, which is unusual for me, but it turn our a great time on and off the ice. We had a players form 6 to 17 years all and they work hard both on and off ice. Even I run my classes in English the kids are listen and was trying to do what I show them on the ice. It was not easy for them on the day one but by the middle-end of the camp most of the guys was able to skate more efficient, faster if they need and stop in good balance, we call that, the hockey stance position. Every body I met last year was extremely nice and I have a great feat back from parents, so when Oscars asked me to come back this year, I said YES right away. Just like a last year the camp personal picked me up in airport and get me to location. Checked in to hotel and tell me what is my schedule will be. Here is every thing what we need to work with. Ice cuts are right on the time, all the group have the team leaders and they get them on ice, off ice and video classes, so no one late. It is not easy for the kids, but they work hard. I like to work here and if I will be invited for next year camp, I will definitely come as longer it will work with my schedule back in the State.